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Hello to you, welcome to my article, today we’re going to discuss Twitter and Instagram together. In this article, you’ll be able to get some tips on how to grow on Twitter and Instagram.

Discover the tips on instagram?

Linking your other instagram or hashtag candidates into your biography the social group finally gave everyone the opportunity to have clickable content in the biography. So, as soon as you insert a # or @ before an expression or account, other clients will be able to click preeminence to learn more. This can be very useful if you manage more than one account for your brand, or if you’re currently surprising a campaign with a “trendy” hashtag.

Add a member profile illustration to instagram that says instagram member profile, it has to say… member profile illustration! You can bring one immediately through your mobile phone with one click.

Click on your member profile, then click on the icon in your member profile where your name is composed as a novice. Your photo arcade will open and you just have to make your choice. Alternatively, you can also choose one immediately through facebook or twitter.

Customize its description once your illustration is incorporated, you will want to enrich your member profile with all types of information: your nickname, your or bring a link (from your site, facebook or snapchat).

You can also give more private information such as your name or your age, and finally choose if you want this information to be public or private. Sharpen your skills in photography and dressage illustration on instagram, the making of the posts is totally first.

On twitter, a harmful tweet is quickly forgotten. However, writing a disgusting illustration on instagram is out of the question. However, there is no need to hire a professional photographer, nor to bring you along months before you start.

A few basic tips on photography and illustration training can be enough for you. Photography skills such as instagram is a phone program, many published photos are likely to be taken with a phone.

Some brands have the need for very good quality appliances for their instagram account, but a maximum of them are content with smartphones.


Discover the tips on twitter?


1. Targeted subscriptions on twitter twitter divides contacts into 2 distinct categories :

your subscriptions ( the profiles you subscribe to ) and your subscribers ( the profiles subscribing to your account ) to allow you to follow most of the news related to your activity, your hobbies or any other interest, you will have to select the profiles you subscribe to.

Whether they are influencers or legitimate profiles on their distribution, you will need to target them to avoid too much information flowing into your timeline. You can use solutions to find influencers or use hastags to search for them by interests. In addition, there are many articles that will make it easier for you to find the accounts you want to track. Just type in google “twitter accounts to follow” “influencers to follow” or “list of twitter accounts” if you start on twitter, it will probably be necessary to follow profiles related to your themes, to create interactivity and allow you to be followed in return.

2. Interaction with one’s twitter community An account that has no interaction with its community makes no sense on twitter. As soon as profiles subscribe to your account, feel free to thank them and interact with them. Profiles sharing your posts or soliciting you on topics are opportunities for you to get in touch with them. The interaction shows that you are active and that you take the time to spend with your subscribers or profiles that challenge you.

Don’t neglect the importance of interaction with your community. Observe what your subscribers like, what they share and how they themselves interact with their community. Gif to find fun animations for your twitter posts, you were probably used to browsing websites specialized in gif files.

Those days are over! Currently, twitter comes with a built-in gif feature. By creating a tweet, you just have to click on the ‘gif’ icon, and you’ll have a wide selection of gif files, which can be adapted to any context.

Polling would you like to settle a longstanding debate? The best way is to use twitter polls. Put your query to the public by pressing ‘add polls’ when you create your tweet. You can submit multiple response choices within a time frame of up to 24 hours.


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